Here are links to some of the ME/CFS resources that I have used and found helpful.

This page will continue to grow over time so check back soon for more links!


Koko Dairy Free milk – Koko (formerly Kara) coconut milk; my dairy free milk alternative of choice. Great on cereal, in smoothies, in baking & savory cooking.


Action For ME – UK charity with an invaluable online information centre. Telephone help line for members.

The ME Association – another UK ME/CFS charity with online and telephone support and information services.

ME/CFS Australia – Australian national ME/CFS organisation with info resources for Australia.

The CFIDS Associaion – National ME/CFS (known as chronic fatigue) charitable organisation in the USA. Great info resource.


Dynamic Neural Retraining System – US courses run by Annie Hopper who had Fibromyalgia and other associated illnesses and has recovered using neural retraining techniques.

Neuro-Linguistic Training Course – courses in NLP run by Amir Norris, who had ME/CFS and has recovered.


Andrew Johnson – MP3 downloads and CDs of a range of relaxation techniques.

British Wheel of Yoga relaxation CDs – yoga nidra and other meditation and relaxation CDs available to buy on BWY’s website.


The Nutri Centre – supplier of good quality supplements.

Enadh – good info on the coenzyme form of B3 supplement


Yoga for Energy – retreats and yoga to beat fatigue resources with yoga teacher Fiona Agombar, who had ME/CFS and has recovered. She puts her recovery in large part down to yoga.

Gentle Flow Sequence – a nice gentle yoga flow sequence with Kathryn Budig from  Yoga Journal. First few times I did this practice it was a bit tough but now manageable. Nice to find a flow sequence that’s not really hard work (i.e. too much) for those with ME/CFS.

Yoga Twists to Detox – slightly more strenuous yoga sequence of twists to help your body detox with Kathryn Budig from Yoga Journal.  An easy to follow video sequence, 20 minutes in length.  A routine for a ‘good’ ME/CFS day.

5 yoga poses to reduce tension headaches – these really work. From

A yoga class for fatigue recovery – available to download for just £2.50 from Fiona Agombar’s Yoga for Energy site. The class includes relaxation, meditation, breath work, gentle yoga asana and chanting.

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