Relate: The Best Medicine

13 Apr
Photo source and credit

Photo source and credit

Recently the charity Relate contacted me about writing a guest blog for their campaign, The Best Medicine.

Relate is a national UK charity focused on providing relationship support, guidance and counselling across all sectors of society.

Their latest campaign, entitled The Best Medicine, aims to draw attention to the crucial role our relationships play in coping with ill health, both mental and physical, chronic and acute. The role  of relationships in coping with ill health is huge and yet sadly somewhat overlooked by the NHS (the UK’s national health service).  To quote their own words, Relate are:

calling on the government to put relationships at the heart of the NHS, making relationship support available to everyone who needs it.

I was very pleased to have been approached about contributing to Relate’s campaign and more than happy to share my story. My relationships with friends, family and Mr B, have played a key role in my journey thru ME/CFS. I am very fortunate that I am blessed with many wonderful relationships and surrounded by loved ones who care for me and would do anything to help me cope with my illness. I would not be where I am today without their support.

My post was published last week on Relate’s site and you can read it here.

I hope you will read my post on Relate’s site and I encourage you to sign their petition on this campaign and explore their site. Relationships are a huge, and largely untapped resource, in coping with ill health. It is an interesting and thought provoking topic. Reading the other personal stories is eye opening and very moving. So why not pop on over to Relate and have a read for yourself.

2 Responses to “Relate: The Best Medicine”

  1. Nice article, Jess. Glad you got to share more.

  2. Great article.

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