My Journey Thru M.E. Part 4: Living Recovery in 2014

8 Dec

2014 has been a good year for me and my health. Although ME/CFS is still a part of my life that requires some attention and management, I am  much more in control now and lead a much more ‘normal’ life. It hasn’t all been plain sailing but overall I am so much better. I am eternally grateful to my wonderful Lightning Process practitioner for helping me in my recovery.

If you want to read my back story and the years of illness that preceded my recovery, then you can find them here (how it all began), here (2012) and here (2013, when I turned the corner towards recovery).

January 2014

‘Funny turn’ whilst out shopping with my Mum. Suddenly very hot, dizzy, nauseous and achy. Had a week of relapse with bad ME/CFS symptoms again. But pulled myself out using Lightning Process techniques. Continued over the next few months to test my boundaries, learning what I could do without triggering ME/CFS symptoms.

In addition to the restricted diet I had been eating since July last year I decided to stop eating meat to see if that helped my digestion and energy. It did.

Started having counselling through the rehabilitation company which has helped tremendously with sorting through my thoughts, fears and emotions of having been ill for so long.

April 2014

Mr B and I went to the US for a three week road trip from Las Vegas to Seattle. Mr B high -fived me on the first night as we basked in our amazing Vegas hotel suite saying ‘it was thanks to all my hard work and persistence that we were able to be there’. I was less tired than Mr B when we arrived, despite an 11 hour flight! It was an amazing 3 weeks not least because Mr B proposed! We interspersed sight-seeing with rest times and quieter days. Happy, full of life and energy.

May 2014

I turned 30 in Seattle. Mr B and I celebrated the day with a swim, a nice long walk, shopping at the amazing Pike Place market, cocktails and dinner. So very happy and relieved to be well enough to be able to do it all. The next day was our last day in Seattle. We spent it chilling out in our joggers, I was tired (and a little hungover for the first time in several years!) after the excitement of turning 30. I realized it was okay to feel that way and having a lazy day on our last day was also okay.

I flew to Philly to see my sister as Mr B flew home. My first week in Philly was a bit of a struggle as my body caught up with itself from a busy few weeks. The second week was better. My sister and I shopped, cooked and hung out like two normal healthy sisters, no wheelchair in sight. Very different when compared to my trip to Philly the year before.

June 2014

After a busy few weeks of engagement celebrations with friends and family when I got home from the US and a flurry of wedding venue visits and arrangements I was running pretty close to empty. Tried to take some time out for rest and routine. But life was just so busy (a good thing!)

My consultant and the rehabilitation company came to the decision that a return to my old job as a corporate lawyer would be detrimental to my health. I was deemed medically unfit to return to my old job. The long hours in the very intense pressured environment was one of the triggers for my ME/CFS in the first place and it was felt that it was highly likely the same would happen should I return.

July 2014 & August 2014

Mr B and I decided to put our flat on the market with the aim of moving out of London to the suburbs. We sold quickly but our buyer then dropped out. Lots and lots of stress with estate agents, uncertainty and busy times being out for viewings on our flat and also travelling to view potential new homes.

The stress got the better of me and I crashed big time.  Fatigue, headaches and myalgia back with vengeance. Went back to my parents to rest and recover. After a week or more I had a session with my Lightning Process practitioner who helped me pull myself out of the relapse and bounce back.

A change in my Cipralex medication saw me suffering a week of severe constipation, bloating, lethargy and a bad migraine. I stopped the medication at fault which resolved things but triggered withdrawal symptoms from abruptly coming off the medication.

September 2014

A month of nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea, lack of appetite and emotional rollercoaster as my body went through the ringer of abruptly coming off the medication. Thankfully, other than a bit more fatigue, there was no real spike in ME/CFS symptoms.

October 2014

Mr B and I went to the Caribbean for ten days of rest and relaxation in the sunshine. We had a wonderful holiday and I coped fine with the heat and long flights only suffering jet lag on the return flight like any ‘normal person’.

Struggling with what I’m doing with my life now I’m so much more in control of my illness. What’s my purpose, what should I be doing?

 November 2014

We finally sold our flat. House hunting began in earnest again but was thankfully over quickly as we fell in love with a house and had our offer accepted. Having learnt from my mistakes in the summer of getting far too stressed and suffering with a relapse as a result, I’m determined to stay calmer this time. Making a concerted effort to put rest, routine and recovery first.

First night out in 4 years for Mr B’s 30th birthday. Didn’t get home until 2am!

Started using the Lightning Process to reintroduce, one by one, foods that had been identified as intolerances for me. Eating eggs, meat and coconut again successfully. Almond, soy, cod, grape, dairy and gluten still to tackle.

Began blogging again after a 5 month absence.  I am so much better but still have limits that remind me that ME/CFS is still a part of my life that needs attention and managing. I hope by sharing my story it will inspire others and give a glimmer of hope. People can, and do, recover from ME/CFS. I’m living proof of that 🙂


4 Responses to “My Journey Thru M.E. Part 4: Living Recovery in 2014”

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor December 9, 2014 at 1:45 pm #

    “Started using the Lightning Process to reintroduce, one by one, foods that had been identified as intolerances for me. Eating eggs, meat and coconut again successfully. Almond, soy, cod, grape, dairy and gluten still to tackle.”

    Can you elaborate more on this? I have food intolerances. I’ve been feeling great keeping all those things out that I don’t tolerate (ugh–eggs, chicken, coconut, dairy, almonds, yada, yada), and I’ve been working on things to improve my “increased gastrointestinal permeability” (leaky gut, if you will). I’m ready to start introducing the foods back in slowly to see what I can get now and still feel great. I’ve been trying to “think and feel” positive so that it doesn’t “skew” my introductions. I know this isn’t Lightning but… I don’t know. What do you have to say/think on this with your experience?

    And do you think you would have responded to Lightning initially, or do you think it was a process you had to come to later?


    • myjourneythrume December 16, 2014 at 3:05 pm #

      Thank you for reading Terri and your comment. You always have something interesting to add which i love. I also love that youre trying to reintroduce foods using your mind as well as your body. With lightning process im trying to retrain my body and brain into seeing the foods as good for me, as food i can eat and feel great and do good digestion eating them. Its all about moving the foods from the ‘threat’ category where the stress response will be triggered into being safe. So before i try each food i brain reherse eating it and feeling great using the lightning process tools of NLP and positive visualizations. If any doubt arises whilst eating / after eating the food i brain reherse a bit more. Does that make sense? Im planning to write a post about it I just havent got round to it yet!

      I think it took time for me to become open to the lightning process approach. For a long time i thought by using ‘mind tools’ to recover it meant it was ‘all in my head/ i was making it up’ but the more i read about the science behind it and neuroplasticity and automated stress responses the more sense it made to me and how real the mind body connection is. To be honest, i would be interested in your opinion about it given your medical background. My GP and consultant support this approach but i know many who still disregard it.


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