My Journey Thru M.E. Part 3: 2013 Turning the Corner

5 Dec

Compared to 2012, the year of 2013 was wonderful. Although things did not begin to improve for me until later in the year and there were some pretty big set backs along the way, I clung onto the hope of recovery for dear life and in the end I made it.

If you missed Parts 1 and 2 of the story of my journey thru ME/CFS, you can find them here (where it all  began) and here (2012).

January 2013

Started my blog My Journey Thru ME. It quickly became the bright spot in my life.

February 2013

After much agonising about whether I really wanted to ‘go there’ I bought a wheelchair which meant I was able to go out for longer than a gentle 20 minute paced walk without totally wiping myself out.

Did another NLP based Recovery Course with initial improvement but again it didn’t last.

March 2013

After a very long winter I somehow persuaded my parents and Mr B that it was a good idea for me to visit my sister in America. I desperately needed something to look forward to and a change of scene. And so my parents and I, along with my wheelchair, all my meds and a multitude of other ‘health aids’, flew to Philadelphia.

April 2013

Very severe relapse in America thanks to catching the flu. Back to having to sit down to clean my teeth and Mum washing my hair. After a couple of weeks I was back to my ‘normal’ and was able to go out in my wheelchair in Philly and enjoy my visit. Mr B flew out to celebrate my birthday which was very special despite my fragile health.

May 2013

I surprised everyone with how well I coped with the return flight and jet lag. Yes my symptoms flared but nothing compared to how I’d been at the start of the trip. Struggled with post exertion malaise from the trip. Very down, struggling with what my life was at this point.

June 2013

Developed POTs symptoms (dizziness on standing and turning, blood pooling in my feet, blood pressure drops) for the first time. Compression stockings and monitoring my blood pressure became part of my daily life. Horrible. Started fludrocortisone which helped the dizziness.

IBS and gastro symptoms escalated. Took the York Food Intolerance Test and discovered I was intolerant to a whole host of foods beyond just gluten and dairy as I had thought. Began an elimination diet and IBS symptoms began to improve.

July 2013

Came across the Lightning Process through chatting with people on Twitter. Bought the book. Signed up for the course for later in the year and began to really feel like I could get out of ME/CFS. Mr B and I decided that if ME/CFS was my life now then we needed to make it work in London rather than me at my parents feeling like our lives were on hold. And so I moved back to London.

August 2013

Two week family holiday in the South of France. Mr B and I flew out and I experienced the worst dizziness and nausea during take-off and landing than I’d ever felt before. My two weeks relaxing holiday was spent in a major ME/CFS flare.

September 2013

Began working with a ME/CFS rehabilitation company who provided me with physio which over time helped the myalgia in my neck and shoulders and migraine headaches enormously.

Had the flu vaccination which led to two weeks of flu symptoms and flare of ME/CFS symptoms.

October 2013

Attended the Lightning Process 3 day training course in London and by the end of the first day I knew this was the key to unlocking my recovery. Having been at the course for 3.5 hours on the first day, when I got home I went for a swim! And stayed up until nearly 10 pm doing my homework for the course.  The change in my attitude and belief that I could get better was instant. With repeated use of the Lightning Process tools, many many times a day at first, my physical symptoms began to slowly subside.  Have not used my wheelchair since.  Within a week I had gone shopping for several hours with Mr B, went out for dinner, did my own hair and make up, my sleep improved, I chatted on Skype for an hour, I listened and sang loudly (and out of tune) to music. I was able to blog and email for longer. I did all these things without ME/CFS setbacks. The changes were big and small.

November 2013

Continued to progress and gain strength and energy week by week.  Enjoyed learning to live again and having new ‘first times’: driving, cooking dinner, doing the food shopping, walking for longer. Began to be kinder to myself. Some tiredness is normal. It is okay to want to do a relaxation track.

December 2013

Mr B and I went to Lille on Eurostar for a celebratory weekend without any lasting ill effects on my health.

Went a little crazy in the run up to Christmas wanting everything to be perfect and then crashed. Still learning what my new limits are.

Stay tuned for the final part of My Journey Thru ME which will bring us right up to date and track the progress I’ve made this year.


2 Responses to “My Journey Thru M.E. Part 3: 2013 Turning the Corner”

  1. thehomeschoolingdoctor December 6, 2014 at 4:58 am #

    Your mom washed your hair for you. Wow. And some physicians don’t lend credibility to the diagnosis. Insane.


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