A Preposterous Diagnosis

21 Aug

I love reading Sarah’s blog over at Dead Men Don’t Snore. She is a fellow Me/CFS fighter and manages to articulate aspects of this illness that remain hidden from view for most people. Everything she says in this piece I relate to. No one fighting a life changing highly debilitating illness should be subjected to stigma, misunderstanding and ignorance. And yet those of us with ME/CFS still are. Things are improving and have come a long way from the ‘yuppie flu’ of the 1980s but boy is there a long way to go. Please do have a read of Sarah’s post and visit her blog, it is well worth your time and energy. Together we can beat the stigma and the illness.

Dead Men Don't Snore

When I was first diagnosed with ME, I knew precious little about the disease. I was only aware of one other person who purported to have it, a lady I had known when I was a child. She was not someone I had spent much time with so what little I knew of her illness came through snatches of gossip from mutual friends.

I heard that she’d diagnosed herself in the hope of working fewer hours and claiming benefits instead.

I heard her doctor didn’t believe in ME, that it was a label doctors used to satisfy the need of hypochondriacs to feel that they were special.

I heard it was small wonder she was always so tired given the energy she must waste with her constant complaining.

I heard her symptoms were simply the tiredness everyone has by the end of a long working day, her dietary ‘requirements’ were…

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