Rest is my medicine for ME / CFS

28 May
Rest is key. Photo credit: Alana Sheeren, A Journey to a Luminous You.

Rest is key. Photo credit: Alana Sheeren, A Journey to a Luminous You.

Everyone needs to rest sometimes. For those of us with chronic illnesses, such as ME / CFS, rest is very very okay. It is vital. Rest is medicine for ME / CFS. Although not a cure, rest helps me nip my fatigue and other symptoms in the bud. Rest stops my ME / CFS from becoming constantly overwhelming. It helps me to control my illness rather than letting my ME / CFS control me. I wouldn’t be doing as ‘well’ (relative term) as I am without rest.

Rest for me is lying down on my futon in a quiet room, covered with blankets, a pillow under my head and cushions under my knees. With my Ipod by my side and using headphones, I rest with the aid of relaxation tracks and meditations. This calms my monkey mind and allows my tired body to relax. Some of my favourite things to listen to are Yoga NidrasMindfulness body scans and breathing awareness meditations.

You can find me on my futon resting many times a day; every day. My rests vary in length from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. I always do one long rest early afternoon each day which is when my fatigues is worst and a 20 -30 minute rest around 11am and 5.30 pm. These are the times that I know from experience are my most likely crash points so I rest at these times as pre-emptive action. In between these times, I rest for 10 – 15 minutes every hour or so, after I’ve done some activity or when I feel myself start to wilt and symptoms increase.

Rest is powerful medicine for my ME / CFS. It helps me manage my illness. I highly recommend it (as do my doctors).

Do you rest? How do you rest? I’d love to hear your experiences. 


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