A Reluctant Confession for ME Awareness Week

11 May

This post by Sarah at Dead Men Don’t Snore really struck a cord with me. Although I thankfully haven’t had the same experience with a friend as Sarah describes, I have many times wished when having yet another blood test that they find something tangible wrong. Something that is accepted, well researched, actively treatable and known about both by the public and the medical profession. It may seem a bit wrong or sadistic even to think like this, but sadly the reality of living with ME / CFS makes it hard not to feel like this sometimes. Hope you enjoy Sarah’s post and please do check out her blog too.

Dead Men Don't Snore

Some years ago, around the time I was diagnosed with ME, I reconnected with an old school friend. She took to phoning once or twice a year to update me on her news, and when she asked what I was up to I would explain (yet again) that I was chronically ill.

Her responses progressed from sympathy, ‘Get well soon!’, through incomprehension, ‘What, ill again?’, to incredulity, ‘You can’t still be ill?’.

The last time we spoke I’d been housebound for almost five years. She described her new job, her new husband, her new home, her new nephew, before finally asking what was new with me. When I replied that I was still sick and still housebound there was an awkward pause.

      So…it IS cancer then?’ she finally blurted.
      ‘Not cancer,’ I told her ‘I have severe ME’.
      ‘Oh, so you’re not…

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