Good Bye Philadelphia, thank you for an awesome time!

6 May
Time to fly home. Photo by Jess B.

Time to fly home. Photo by Jess B.

It’s time for Mr B and I to leave my sister and Philly and to take to the skies and fly home.

View from the plane window. Photo by Jess B.

View from the plane window. Photo by Jess B.

I’ve been in Philly since late March. Time has flown by though I also feel like I’ve always been here. Being at home seems a very long time ago. I’ve had an amazing six weeks and have so many happy memories to take home – Centre City loft living, Reading Terminal Market, so many delicious brunches and  far too many gluten free goodies, a very happy 29th birthday, Outlet shopping and West Philly University neighbourhood life to name just a few.

I’m really sad that it’s time to leave but I think I am ready to be at home again and to take things quietly and slowly, just following my paced routine.

There have been some ups and downs with my ME / CFS during this trip. It was to be expected as I have done more than I do when I am at home and just living my paced routine. This trip was always about ‘living’ rather than holidaying. I never planned to sight-see or rush about. I have tried to plan and pace myself and to intersperse outings and activities with rest days. Despite this I have done more than when I’m at home. I am more tired than ‘my usual’ and I do have more ME /CFS symptoms – more myalgia, more sore throats and more fatigue as I say. So it’s time to go home and rest now.

Photo from the plane window by Jess B.

Photo from the plane window by Jess B.

We fly home overnight tonight. I am hoping that by taking Melatonin as I board the plane this evening I will sleep for much of the 8 hour flight. Here’s hoping anyway! I hope that way I won’t be so sleep deprived tomorrow and my ME / CFS may not spike and flare up as much as I fear. I definitely suffered ME / CFS side effects from the outbound flight and I fear the return flight, being overnight and all, will be worse. I am doing lots of STOPs on my anxieties about what the flight, travel, jet lag etc will do to my ME / CFS. I’m going to try and take it one step at a time.

My Mum is going to be waiting for me and Mr B when we arrive back at our apartment in East London tomorrow morning. She will be the Super Mum that she always is and look after me while I let my body rest and recover. Mr B has to go straight to work tomorrow morning…a lot of extra shot macchiatos will be consumed I think! And then we go from there.

I’m not sure I will be up to blogging in the next few days or perhaps for a while longer. It will totally depend how long it takes my ME / CFS addled body to recover. I have not been super organised and prepared posts in advance like I did when I flew out here – this in itself is a big step for me. It is me being a little more chilled and less perfectionist and obsessive which are all common ME / CFS traits. It may only be a very small battle won in the overall war against ME / CFS but it is a battle won and that in itself is progress worth celebrating or noticing at least.

What I’m trying to say is there may be a little hiatus, a little pause or break – call it what you want – in my posts on this blog, but I will be back. In the words of Arnie – I WILLLLLL BE BACK!

So in the meantime, take care of yourselves and I’ll speak to you all soon 🙂

It’s now time to take to the skies. Good bye Philly, you’ve been awesome, I’ve had the time of my life.

FLying home. Photo by Jess B.

Flying home. Photo by Jess B.


2 Responses to “Good Bye Philadelphia, thank you for an awesome time!”

  1. tiredtechie May 7, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    Bon voyage! It’s so brave of you to make this epic journey. Jess 1 – M.E. nil. 😉


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    […] I flew to Philly to see my sister as Mr B flew home. My first week in Philly was a bit of a struggle as my body caught up with itself from a busy few weeks. The second week was better. My sister and I shopped, cooked and hung out like two normal healthy sisters, no wheelchair in sight. Very different when compared to my trip to Philly the year before. […]

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