Best laid plans…

4 Apr

So this week has certainly not gone to plan.

The finger crossing mentioned in my earlier post was spectacularly unsuccessful. I have spent most of this week in bed with the worst bad cold I have had for several years. I am not in fact typing this post myself as my arms ache too much. I am dictating and my Dad is kindly being typist. We suspect this delightful turn of events is courtesy of breathing recycled aeroplane air for eight hours last week.

Yesterday I felt absolutely awful.  M.E. / CFS +  very bad cold =  utter  misery. I barely had the energy to get out of  bed and yet even that was not comfortable.  My whole body hurt. My throat felt like it had been scratched with a pan scourer. My head was totally clogged up. I had a fever, constantly changing from being boiling hot to freezing cold. I even resorted to cleaning my teeth while sat in my wheel chair as my legs ached too much to stand.

Thankfully today I feel noticeably better, had the energy to wash my hair (with my Mum’s help) and my appetite has returned. I even managed to do a few gentle yoga poses this morning from this article for yoga poses for the common cold.

It has not all been bad as I have enjoyed watching numerous episodes of Parenthood on my sister’s Amazon Prime account – please Mr Amazon bring this service to the UK soon. So now, I will return to my tissues and cough drops and leave you with these few pictures of Center City, Philadelphia that my Dad has taken.

Fountain at Logan Square.(c) Jess B.2013

Fountain at Logan Square.
(c) Jess B.2013

William Penn statute perched on the top of City Hall. View from my apartment window.(c) Jess B. 2013.

William Penn statute perched on the top of City Hall. View from my apartment window.
(c) Jess B. 2013.


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