Stress Less with: ME / CFS: my focus for the week to come.

25 Feb

So it’s stress week here on My Journey Thru ME. Stress, or rather stress less week. It will probably become stress less fortnight as I have quite a lot to say on the topic!

As stress can play such a big part in a recovery journey from ME/CFS, I’ve decided it is a worthy topic to devote a bit of time too.

  • My next post will be a bit of an introduction to the role of stress in ME / CFS.
  • Then I’ll move on to a bit of biology and neuro-science (to be done in a simple, I’m not a scientist, way) on stress responses  and how this is all a bit screwed up in ME / CFS sufferers.
  • I’ll then talk about some of the techniques and methods (NLP, NBT, CBT, EFT etc) I’m using to try and ‘rewire my brain’ (i.e. change my stress responses) in the hope of improving my ME / CFS symptoms.
  • Somewhere along the line the science and the techniques will come together for me to explain why such techniques can be successful.

Well that’s my plan at any rate, let’s see what happens as I get going. Sound good? Useful? Interesting? Hope so.

One other thing before I embark on stress, please please don’t take anything said in this, or any of my posts for that matter, to mean that ME / CFS is ‘all in your mind’. That is not true at all (and I get VERY angry when anyone dares to suggest otherwise). ME / CFS is a neurological physical illness and therefore the brain and its activities have a part to play in the recovery journey. That’s where stress comes in.

Finally, please don’t take me as gospel on this subject (or any other for that matter), all I give to you is my interpretation of what I’m learning as I journey thru ME / CFS.

Now until tomorrow, try to STRESS LESS by taking note of some of the following tips:

Stress Less

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