Yoga to Ease Headaches

7 Feb
Headache remedy: yoga or pills?

Headache remedy: yoga or pills?

Do you suffer from headaches? I know I do.

But I really don’t like having to take painkillers for headaches on a regular basis. Thanks to my ME/CFS, I already take enough different drugs (of the prescription variety) without adding super strength painkillers (and they often need to be super strong for the headaches I get) to the mix on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes of course, the headache is so bad that nothing helps and I have to succumb to popping several strong co-codamol (my painkiller of choice). But whenever possible I try to catch my headaches early and use natural remedies to ease the pain.

I’ve already spoken about my love of Tiger Balm as a natural aid to tension headaches and general ME/CFS brain fog ‘fuzzyness’.

I’ve also always found that my head feels clearer and lighter after I’ve practised a little yoga. It seems to help lift the pain and pressure.

Whilst faffing on Pinterest recently (one of my new favourite past times!) I stumbled across Yoga Poses to Reduce Tension Headaches from

I’ve done these 5 simple poses a few times now and I’ve found that they really do help to lift the fuzzyness of a bad brain fog day and to ease the pressure in my forehead and eyes of a headache.

The poses are genuinely straight forward and suitable for anyone, with or without yoga experience. No crazy props are needed, a couple of the poses use a chair, but you could probably get by without by sitting on the floor.

I think the gentle stretches, that these poses provide, help to reduce tension headaches by reducing the tightness that so many of us hold in our neck and shoulders and thus relieving the pressure build up in the head. I’m going to incorporate these poses into my regular yoga practice as a preventative measure, in the hope that by regularly stretching  out my neck and shoulders the tension won’t build up as much, thus preventing headaches. Prevention being better than cure and all that.

It’s quick, simple and natural, well worth a try.

It’s just a short post today I’m afraid folks as I’m trying to conserve my energy. It’s Mr B’s and my anniversary next week and he’s treating me to the weekend away at a lovely country house hotel. This means I have less time and energy for blogging today as I need to reserve energy for packing and of course for the weekend itself!

So bye for now, but I’ll be back next week full of tales of how me, my ME/CFS and Mr B fared on our weekend away.

Photo by Flicker user Keith Ivey


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