Magic Melatonin, fall asleep within minutes!

24 Jan
Photo by Jess B.

Photo by Jess B.

If you’d like to fall asleep as quickly and peacefully as my lovely cat featured in the pic above, then this post is for you!

From the first night I took melatonin I was hooked as I literally fell asleep instantly and slept more soundly than I have done in years, perhaps ever.

You probably know the feeling, you’re feeling absolutely and utterly shattered, cleaning your teeth was an enormous effort but once your head hits your pillow, it’s like magic, PING!, you’re wide awake and your mind is whirling and chattering….this was my nightly trial before I started taking melatonin.

My monkey mind just would not shut up. All I wanted was to drift off peacefully to slumber land but my chatterbox mind just would not let me. It used to take me a good hour and a half, and often much longer, to drift off at night.

It felt like I had tried everything to help me fall asleep: aromatherapy oils, a regular bedtime routine, a warm bath, a warm milky drink, chamomile tea, no TV or reading in the hour before bed, calming music, meditations, homoeopathic tablets, gentle bedtime stretches…yes I had tried it all.

And then a wonderful thing happened. My specialist introduced me to melatonin.  I take one little tablet one hour before I go to bed and then I fall asleep within minutes of turning off my light.  There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to describe how amazing this is. It is wonderful, blissful, amazing, fantastic and more. It is simply the best, the sweetest joy! Ok enough, you get the picture!

Seriously though, melatonin has made such a difference. When your sleep is sorted you feel better overall. I may not wake up bouncing full of energy, but I do feel as if I have had a decent night’s sleep which is good enough for me at this stage! And moreover going to bed is now something I look forward to and not a source of stress.

Now, I’m not crazy about taking prescription drugs.  I’d much rather take (or do) something natural. But unfortunately having a chronic illness such as ME/CFS does not always allow me to make that choice. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I really really needed to sleep better.  As it seemed I had exhausted (no pun intended) all the natural options, I turned to the next available remedy, which in the western world is, a prescription drug.

My GP assures me that there are no known dependency issues with melatonin, especially at the small dose level that I’m taking. He also explained that melatonin is not a ‘sleeping tablet’. Melatonin is in fact a hormone that is naturally produced in our bodies to send us off to sleep. Well it is naturally produced in fully functioning healthy peoples’ bodies. Some people are deficient in this sleep hormone and that is why taking the tablet form at night is successful in easing falling asleep for some people.

This post would not be accurate without mentioning that there are side effects to melatonin (aren’t there with everything?). As with all prescription drugs, the little leaflet inside the box of melatonin tablets is in fact not so little and unravels to the length of my forearm pretty much listing everything under the sun as a side effect (including fatigue)! Personally I seem to tolerate melatonin very well (touch wood). The only side effects I’ve experienced are vivid crazy dreams and waking up early, like 5 am early. Both of these were worse when I first started taking melatonin and thankfully seem to have mostly subsided. I have the odd crazy dream still but I now sleep until 8am.

As ever, talk to your GP or ME/CFS specialist if getting off to sleep is a problem for you too. But from my experience melatonin might be worth a try.


9 Responses to “Magic Melatonin, fall asleep within minutes!”

  1. Michelle September 18, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    I think I am going to talk to my doctor about melatonin. I currently take trazadone – an entirely man made chemical. I prefer natural substances as well – i’ll take vitamins over prescriptions any day. I know that melatonin is produced in normal people’s body naturally. But I didn’t know there was a way to substitute it in pill form. *tink of the wine glass* (I didn’t see wine as a don’t) Kudos to you! for showing me a damn good remedy!

    • myjourneythrume September 18, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

      Lol, I hope it helps you, I literally swear by it.

      • Liz July 25, 2015 at 11:46 am #

        Which travel insurance provider did you use for travel? Usually they will not honour a claim that had to do with a pre-existing condition.

      • myjourneythrume August 24, 2015 at 9:56 am #

        I use Cover Wise travel insurance. You have to declare your pre existing condition and it increases the cost of your premium but then they are bound to honour any claim, to do with the condition or otherwise.


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