Crème Brûlée = New Year’s resolution EPIC FAIL…

14 Jan
Photo by Flickr user (avlxyz)

Photo by Flickr user (Alpha)

I have a confession to make.

I am not at all happy with myself. I hate to have to admit that I have spectacularly broken one of my resolutions. Already! This was literally within days of setting my 2013 ME/CFS resolutions down in writing on this very blog  (New Year, New Me!) Oops…

You see, my sister lives in America (you may be wondering what this has to do with crème brûlées and me breaking a resolution, but bear with me) and she has been home for Christmas. She returned to the US last week and in honour of her leaving we went out for a farewell lunch. Now you may recall that one of my resolutions was to avoid refined sugar and dairy in my diet. In light of this I managed to navigate the main course menu without issue (if you can say steak and chips is healthy eating…but hey it was only one meal and one special meal at that). But when it came to dessert, things became, shall we say, a little unstuck…before going out I had maintained that I would not have dessert so as to keep in line with my new resolutions, and more importantly for the good of my body and health. However, when the waitress came over with the dessert board, I suffered a momentary lapse of brain function/will power/ concentration/ common sense (call it what you will, but I’d like to say I really don’t know what came over me) and ordered, yes you guessed it, crème brûlée. So not only had I managed to order a dairy full, cream laden, sweet, tummy bloating dessert, I had ordered a dessert that has an ENTIRE LAYER of REFINED SUGAR on the top of it.  I honestly do not know what I was thinking. Well, I clearly wasn’t thinking.

Photo by Flickr user (Dave Lifson)

Photo by Flickr user (Dave Lifson)

In my defence, I really don’t know what came over me. Perhaps it was some supernatural power, some higher being – “Jessie, you will eat crème brûlée, you will, you will, you will!” No? No I don’t really think so either. But I do have one other thing to say in my defence – that really this is all Mr B’s fault (naturally!). I was so concerned with not having cake or biscuits for dessert (and the pub we ate at has gluten free sponge puddings and brownies on their menu, amazing or what?!) so as not to break my deal with Mr B, that my brain just couldn’t cope and went momentarily mad and ordered crème brûlée. So it was clearly Mr B’s fault!

I paid for my slip up all afternoon after the lunch, with a swollen tummy resembling a 6 month pregnant woman, and other icky side effects of which I will spare you the details. And as my digestive system was acting up so much, I generally felt awful and exhausted all round. Not a clever move on my part at all.

But I’m not going to berate myself for it – it was just one little slip up and in some ways it’s a good thing (always look for the silver lining!) as the side effects certainly served as a smack round the head reminder as to why I shouldn’t eat dairy or refined sugar. My body really really REALLY doesn’t like it! So I’m now firmly back on track and sticking to my resolutions again. I’ll keep you posted with how it goes.

But boy did that crème brûlée taste good. And as I won’t (I won’t, I won’t I WON’T) be eating any more crème brûlées  for a long, long, time to come (well at least not until I come up with a dairy free, refined sugar free alternative), I’ll just have to salivate over this picture instead:

Photo by Flickr user (avlxyz)

Photo by Flickr user (Alpha)



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