New Year, new ME!

9 Jan

Happy New Year peeps!

With the excitement and fun of Christmas having faded, and the new year already a week old (where does the time go?!) I think it’s time I took a breath and made some ME/CFS recovery resolutions. It’s almost two years to the day that I was officially diagnosed. It seems a good time to take stock.

Here are my ME/CFS resolutions for 2013:

  • REST – it might seem an obvious thing to say for someone suffering from fatigue but until I’d been there and learnt the mistake from not resting enough and, more importantly, not taking proper rest (ie switching your brain off with meditation rather than watching an episode of Friends…..) I didn’t realise quite how vital rest is. So I’m aiming to rest 10 minutes every hour with a thirty minute longer rest three times per day.
  • YOGA – yoga has been a huge revelation to me in the last 12 months. I’ve only been practising yoga since I crashed out (Dec 2010) and in the last year it’s really clicked. I genuinely feel better on the days when I do practice. I’m aiming to do 20-30 minutes of GENTLE yoga every morning with an early evening or bedtime session several times a week.
  • DIET – this has several strands to it, apart from just eating healthy. As much as I do love chocolates and cake (perhaps a little too much..though gluten free of course) I have been forced to the realisation that all this refined sugar is evil, especially for my body. So I am really going to try to leave the cake and the biscuits in the tin (I have a deal with my partner, B, that if I don’t eat cake or biscuits between now and March he will treat me to a lovely lunch). And taking the sugar thing a little further, I’m going to cut down on the amount of dried fruit I eat too, as that’s a favourite of mine. Though I know from experience that I am affected by sugar withdrawal so I can’t cut it out completely without seeing spots! Another diet resolution is to avoid dairy. I already do this to a large extent but I could, and need to be, much better – my body does not like dairy!
  • PACING – I must, I MUST respect my limits and only expand my activity boundaries when my body is ready. In order to achieve this I’ve come up with a daily programme to structure my day (all beautifully typed up by my lovely sister). I’m going to keep track of how my body feels after X amount of time on each activity with a nifty traffic light system.
  • NLP – I’ve been taught a number of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to “rewire” my brain and stress responses. Over time these calm the nervous system and the “Flight or Fight” response which is so fundamental to ME/CFS. I resolve to use these techniques out loud, every day, as much as I need to, even though I might feel silly doing it! As with all of these resolutions I’ll explain more about my experience of NLP in later posts.

So they’re my resolutions, published in cyber space, so I MUST, I MUST, I MUST adhere to them! And after all, they’re going to help my health but I’m only human so I might need a little encouragement….. I’ll keep you posted!


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