Hello world!

7 Jan

Hello world!

This is so exciting! My very first blog post! It has taken me an inordinate amount of time to get to this point so I am very happy to finally be putting pen to paper, well fingers to the keyboard, and to be blogging!

I don’t know if there are hundreds of you reading this, or just one man and his dog , but this is a big step for me. I am someone who worries a lot about what other people think of me, so me putting my thoughts ‘out there’ in cyberspace for everyone to read and critique is a very big deal for me!

I have learnt so much since I was officially diagnosed with ME/CFS 2 years ago and through this blog I want to share what I have learnt with the world in the hope that my story, may resonate with, and help others. Even if just one man and his dog feels less alone in dealing with ME/CFS, then sharing my story of this much maligned but highly debilitating condition will have been worthwhile.

I am still learning how to manage my own ME and if you have your own experiences you would like to share then please do get in touch. I really would love to hear your comments. With ME/CFS so much is still unknown and uncertain. Dealing with the illness can be a very long and lonely journey, so I think the more we can learn from each other by sharing our experiences of this condition, the easier our journeys through ME/CFS will surely become.


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